Left It Open.

It’s not like anyone’s ever gonna know what we did, I mean, who’d suspect us?

That and only that was what I was thinking when I was doing what I was doing. I had the thing I needed in my arms and I was almost to the exit right where the counter was. When I forgot I had left something open.


“Ooh, OOOh, Ahh.”


The very next moment, I stumbeled into something hard and tall. A security guard. Crappppp.

“Come with me young lady.”

One we got to the room, the man said, “Explain, Now.”

“Well, I was going to get something from a cage and I accidently left the cage door open.”

“Well, what were you getting?”

“My monkey, Sean.”

“You LET the monkies out??!?”

The securtiy guard never caught the monkies….

Well, at least life went on for them.

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