Why now?

I can’t believe she told them. Omg. AHHHH ! Now I have to deal with Jenn and Van, crap!

“You and Chloe? WOW ! I mean WOW !â€?

“Dude, that’s just messed up! Her? Wow, you must have been desperate!â€? Van said.

I was watching Chloe all through their talking, I thought back on the past few weeks, and I remember me watching Chloe way more then I used. What does that mean? I think I really like her. Maybe my hatred was really love in a weird form? I dunno, I have to talk to her though!

I pushed past Jenn and Van, and headed straight towards Chloe.

“We have got to talk!â€? I could see the surprise in her eyes. She had amazing eyes, green and gorgeous_

“Why now, Kevin? After all that you have put me through, you want to talk now? I have wanted and waited to talk to for years now. What is it about?â€?


“You better not waste my time. Pick me up at my house at 6:30, don’t be late!â€?

Yes, I can finally talk to her! Score!

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