Stood up!

“So he wants to talk to you tonight?â€? my best friend, Megan, asked.

“Yep, he said it was about ‘us’!â€? She was helping me to get ready for tonight. I had to say I was pretty excited! I wonder what he was going to say. Would it be like old times?

I was outside sitting on my steps with Megan at 6:20. It is just my nature to be on time. 6:30…6:45…â€?Maybe he forgot my address,â€? I said hopefully.

“Yeah, of course, that’s it!â€? she didn’t sound too convinced. 7:00…7:30…

Was this all a joke to him? Did he stand me up? And to think I had been so excited.

8:00..Megan left…8:45…9:00…I gave up and went inside. I am going to talk to him tomorrow.

Megan caled at 10:00 only to hear that he hadn’t shown up.

The next day, I walked straight to him and stood right by his locker. “Hey, I waited for you until 9:00 last night. Did you forget?â€? I said loudly. He slammed his locker and walked away from me. Just like that, it felt like being stood up, but worse.

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