Nice Try

“I’ll be over in 2 minutes.” Jay was such a great best friend.

2 minutes later
Ding Dong

Winter rushed to the door with a towel. Since it was raining outside Jay was going to be wet and cold, partly because he refused to wear a coat or use an umbrella.

Before Winter even had time to turn the handle Jay walked inside. Winter threw him the towel and took off upstairs to her room, the place they always talked, about everything.

“Jay… I… I just don’t know anymore. He… he always acts so sweet, bu..but it might just be a lie. I mean everyone knows he likes April. Then again everyone knows April likes you.” When Winter was sad, and on the verge of tears, she liked to change the subject as quickly as possible.

“Haha nice try Winter. I think you should talk about this, you know it makes you feel better.” Winter wanted to know why he was so nice to her.

“Fine. But one question. April likes you, you say you don’t like her… who do you like?” Winter just had to know.

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