Day Four (seven day journal) oh crap, thats in the wrong order.

Day FOUR :

Today sucked. My arm is beaten up. Also, someone told the math teacher about the thin mints. We were in her classroom today. I wonder how long this will last. My bet, until thursday.

Im ditching school on fri. So that makes me happy.

Tomorrow is chapel. Which is fun cause it wastes time, and helps me get through history (which i like, but i prefer world history pre 1700’s type stuff)
‘Cept i hate singing.

Also, handbells was good today cause director was in a particularly good mood.

And i have 6 reports to look forward to this weekend:

1. Bible book report 1

2. Bible book report 2

3. Bible project (i got the verse on what love is)

4. Science report (bright and early mon morning. lol, will camille make it?)

5. History report. I actually got a good topic (library of congress)

6. English skits.

And then lets hope i can persuade mrs c to give us a binder check for 500 extra points in bible which will make my A- an A

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