Left or Right?

I sat in the dentist’s chair uncomfortably as a 30ish male peered into my mouth. All I could see were his goggled eyes & an off-white mask which hid his face; I tried looking away but the lamp overhead shone right into my eyes, making that extremely painful to do. The strips of flesh where my lips meet ached from having kept my mouth open for so long. The sound of metal against enamel as the dentist probed for cavities reminded me of scratching concrete off brick walls.

“I did not find any cavities, Son.”, said the dentist who had his mask off by now.

“But It hurts when I drink something hot or cold. Especially cold. There has to be a cavity!”, I pleaded.

The hygienist interrupted,”Don’t worry kid, we’ll do an X-ray for you.”

I was relieved to hear that.

Fast Forward

Soon the X-ray was taken.

The dentist remarked,”You have a cavity on the inside of your left-upper molar 4. A filling should fix that.”

I frowned. Because it were my right-upper molars where it hurt.

Oh, no.

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