Seven Day Journal: Day 4 (Camille =])

April 1, 2008. 8:31 PM April Fools Day. I don’t like April Fool’s Day.

I just got home from dance. And not my own class, no, the class below me and my sister’s class. Because I missed some classes. We have to make up when we miss. And my shoes are EVEN MORE dead. They kept collapsing. My toe hurts…

I have barely any homework, that’s a plus =D
But, sooo many reports and projects. I won’t list them because George already did. Though my list is slightly different.

Let’s see. Photography was okay. I got to show my pictures =] But I messed up with something on the computer as usual. I’m not very good with them… haha

Lunch. The island was practically abandoned because we all had to go to the library to do homework. And where has Coach been? He hasn’t been coming past us. Hmm. Maybe tomorrow.

Oh wait! Chess club (where none of us actually play chess) is tomorrow!! yay!! And Chapel, where we have that weird art thing we’re doing. Eamon and Zach M are in my group.

Ok. bibi. Got to go eat now.

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