By Their Fruit You Shall Know Them

As soon as the Serpent slithered into the tree, the Fruit knew it’s intentions were evil. The Serpent, for it’s part could feel the disapproving aura of the Fruit all around him. Not that it mattered. They were fruit. The worst they could do was fall on him accidentally, and there was little danger of that up here. When the Woman approached the Tree, the Fruit tried to warn Her off. This failed for three reasons. Firstly, they were fruit. They had no means of communicating whatsoever. Secondly, even if they could speak, The Woman, unlike the Fruit, had no knowledge of the existence of evil and would have no idea what they were talking about. And lastly, even if She could understand Their warning, the Woman was stark bleeding nude; a state the Fruit promptly recognized as Evil, and were, therefore too flustered and embarrassed to speak, even if they could. Which they couldn’t. Later, after the Fall, as the Fruit hung alone in the Garden, It wondered if all this was such a good idea. It felt bad for that.

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