Her Giggle

She started singing. It was so cute. In the middle of getting ready, she found a mic. She found it in a cupboard somewhere, she said. You know how kids her age are, bored and looking around everywhere. Trying to have fun.

She, with her messed up hair, started to sing Yellow Submarrean, her bare feet dancing on the carpet. It was the only song that she knew all the words to.

She finished the song and looked up at me smiling. I clapped and cheered. She giggled. With everything going on, that laugh is basically what I love for. Then she ran up to where I was sitting on the hotel bed and hugged me.

I hugged her back. Why did I have tears in my eyes? I wiped them away and laughed. Somehow from there we got in a tickle fight.

Suddenly our mom came in. “Come on we are leaving in 30 minutes. Stop fooling around. And do something about your sister’s hair”The door almost slammed behind her.

“Kay, come on, don’t want to be late!” I said, touching her nose.” She smiled, then got up and handed me the brush.

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