Taking Sides

The cosmic shimmy had died down after the the Angel spoke, so Angela decided it was worth the risk to sneak a peek.

She cracked open one eye, then the other. Her face hadn’t melted like that guy in that Indiana Jones movie, so she took that as a good sign.

The Angels weren’t what Angela expected. They had taken human form and looked more like a trio of male models than the vengeful arbiters of God’s Will.

“Ireul, Shamsiel and Bardiel. I’m disappointed,” Lilith sneered, addressing the Angels. “I would have thought that Michael himself would have come to confront me. Instead, I get you nobodies.”

“Lilith First-Wife, Mother of Abominations,” Ireul roared, “Heaven hast gazed upon your brazen actions with great displeasure‚Ķ”

“That’s right, skank!” Blake hooted. “The calvary has arrived! This party is over!”

Ireul glanced at Blake like he was an insect, before continuing. “‚ĶMy brothers and I wish to pledge ourselves to you and your war against Heaven.” The Angels kneeled.

Lilith laughed.

“Crap,” Blake said.

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