CherryPop Goes For Help

“We have to go back.”

Liam pulled back and looked at me. “What? No. There’s too many. I can’t protect you from them all.”

I glared at him through my watery eyes. “I can protect myself Liam. I’m not some helpless little girl you know.”

“Oh I know. I know that very well kiddo. But look at this rationally please. You’re weak -” I opened my mouth to protest. “Let me finish. You’re weak from the barrier spell. If you’re going to face them, you need full strength. You know that. Otherwise you’ll just get yourself killed.” He looked away and continued in a soft voice. “You need help. Help I can’t give you.”

I sighed. I was angry that Liam thought I was too weak to face a bunch of stupid zombies. But that damn rational part of my brain kicked in and I realized he was right. I was weakened – for now. There was no way I could attempt the Resting spell on that many zombies by myself. I needed help. I needed my dad.

“You’re right. But we have to deal with them tonight. Head for home Liam. We’re going to get Dad.”

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