Cape of Perception

I’m waiting at the light and riding up to the crosswalk is someone wearing a cape.

Wait, a cape?

The street lights do not give you enough light. As he gets closer, I can see that he is on a silver bike, with jeans, and a black tank top.

And, a black cape?

The traffic lights on the street he is coming down are starting to turn yellow. He is close to the crosswalk, but does not have enough time to safely brake. He starts biking faster.

The cape is flapping behind him as he speeds up.

The bicyclist enters the crosswalk and zooms by in front of me. I can now see his back.

He is wearing a backpack, with a black sweatshirt sticking out of it, flapping behind him. He bikes off into the dark, as the light turns green for me.

With his “cape” flapping behind him.

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