My awesome Class Can Live Love and Laugh

Graduation. We wait so long to hear that word. And now that we finally do, we just want it to go away. We look at each other and cry, knowing that we will never see some of them ever again. Some of us will get killed, others will move across the country, and still others will go to jail.

We are a class of misfits.

We were always the bad class, the one that drove the teachers crazy. No one wanted us, but they got us anyway.
Now i look at the trouble makers, Zach and Taylor. I can’t help but think about all the pranks they’ve played and the jokes that could always make us laugh, even when we didn’t want to.

I cry as i look at the guy that I’ve loved for years, but who never knew the truth. He never will know how I feel about him.

I even cry as I look at the girl who hated me for 5 years. I don’t know what I will do without her.

Finally, I cry as I look at myself. I say goodbye to the little girl I was for all those years and say hello to the woman I will become.

Hey, World! Bring it on!

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