Dark thoughts in a light place

The sun set hours ago, but it was still light. The orbits of the moons around Kyrania ensured that there was always a bright orb in the sky, no matter what time of night or day it was.

Jenso sat on a park bench, listening to the bleep of the local frog-analogues and contemplating murder. That insufferable mother-in-law of his had disrespected him for the last time.

Imagine, calling him an e-ball betting addict and a corsub addict. The audacity of the woman! So what if he had to make use of social support to feed his family even though he had a decent job. They made do, they always had.

“Come on Jenso, this is it” he muttered as he got up, picked up the basket containing the darkdelf and started for home.

Funny things, darkdelfs. They live in the deepest caves on Kyrania in stygian blackness, and if exposed to light will use their extreme strength and vicious claws to get back in darkness as quickly as possible, no matter what stood in their way.

He chuckled softly in the back of his throat as he walked.

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