On the road (again?)

The bookmobile rumbled through the night under Cheryl’s hesitant control. “We have to ascertain the root of this obsession with fast food” Agent Rebecca lectured the group.

Howard was the first to speak “But what about Tinker Creek and the sycamore?”

“Forget about them” Agent Rebecca said. “Our battles will be with the felines. None of them will take their pampered and groomed kitteh boddis to teh wuldrness! Oh noes, mai gud talk poshun has worn off!” Agent Rebecca pulled her latex mask off, to expose a harnessed cat controlling the robotic body.

“Get it!” Howard shouted. Kristin and Cheryl let fly with copies of Encyclopedia Brittanica which were stashed in the Bookmobile for emergencies, and Howard waded in with the collected works of Tolstoi from under his seat.

The cat jumped for an open side window, scrabbled and flew out into the night at Cheryl’s top speed of 12 miles per hour. “Oh mai, taht stings” it shouted.

“At least we have not gone far out of our way” Kristin sighed. “On to Sycamore Creek!”

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