Middle of the Action

“Go, go, go” he shouted as the bullets flew by him and the girl. They started to run across the catwalk, above the generators. As they ran, he returned fire from his pistol.

Even though they were running in a straight line, the guards were having a hard time shooting at them. It was lucky for them they did not have semi-automatics.

The reached the other wall and started hurrying down the steps. He fired a couple more shots, then his was out of bullets. They reached the bottom and were able to hide behind some containers, to catch their breaths.

“It looks like there’s an exit over there.” he gestured, as he was searching for extra bullets. Bullets he did not have.

“You’re out of bullets?” she asked, as he could not find any. “How are we going to get across with them firing at us?”

He looked up, and saw the guards slowing down. They couldn’t see them. Unfortunately, it looked like they were starting to organize a better search.

“Trust me.” he said, as he pulled the shotgun that was slung across his back.

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