By The Full Moon's Light

Waking up in the woods, my clothes tattered and torn.
I knew it had happened again.

I only hope I had not killed, no slaughtered, again.

I write this note to explain why I have done this.

I Am Basil St. Norbert. I was attacked last winter as I walked home form a stroll in the park. I thought by a rabid dog.
It was a wolf, that I beat about the head, I saw it run off by the light of the full moon.

I knew I had been bitten and went to the hospital and was treated with shots and anitibiotics.

A month later when the moon was full, strange sensations all over my body occurred. Hair sprouted everywhere. My head hurt. I remembered nothing the next morning. I awoke in a field, next to me a mutilated sheep, I was covered with blood.

I researched werewolves and knew that I had become one. I thought it was a mythic horror story. But it was all too real

I knew I would kill again and it frightened me.
When I put down the pen and seal the envelope I shall end my nightmare once and for all.

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