Music Challenge Results Continued (continued)

April Fools!!!!!!* The announced winners I mentioned on April 1st.. Were not all of the winners.. You were all winners, in my book. I appreciated all the participation in my challenge! I hope you enjoyed writing your stories..

Duh..I forgot to finish my award distribution, stupid character limit!

the award for emotionally written/charged story goes to
Kermitgorf. His story was written and fueled by genuine heartfelt emotion. It was current, so it kept it fresh.

The award for most interpretive story goes to *Someday93 Her stories, did not refrence any music, but it was probably what a song reminded her of. Which is still good in it’s own right.

The award for creative expression Goes to JBWillams. For his passionately written pieces. The first one was about hip hop music. He kindly gave us a “behind the scenes” tour about what it’s really all about. He followed it by a story about chasing flashing lights. It was written with confidence and determination. bravo..

thank you all!!

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