DruggerDoodles (New Series)

“Hey Scarlet!” I answered my cell, and ran up my stairs to my Pretty-In-Pink room, and plopped down on my Fuzzy Beanbag Chair.

“Hey Taylor!” her voice echoed, as if she were in a bathroom, “You wanna come down to the park and hang with me and Jon?”


“Please? For me?”

“Hey hey – it’s not that I have anything against Jon, it’s just I have a bad feeling about him.”

“So that’s a yes, then?” I could practically feel her pouting.

I gave her an overexaggerated sigh. “Sure.”

“It’s just me, him, and a few of his friends.”

Whoa. I had heard about his friends. They were all super hott, but a few of them were definitely druggies.

“Like, who’s there?” I asked.

I had told her that Jon had some druggie friends, so she knew what I was getting at. “No Drugger Doodles,” Drugger Doodles was her nickname for them, “as far as I know. But there’s a really hott blond guy here for you! His name’s Tyyyllerr, maybe? I don’t know. But he’s totally your type.”

I switched my shorts to a skirt.

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