Cat in a Whole New World

Her lower lip quivered. “Then…what are you going to do with me?”

I considered for a moment. “Make you carry my books between classes? Maybe show you off to my friends? Certainly none of that icky stuff that you were probably meant for.” I grimaced, and she looked a little relieved.

“That doesn’t sound so bad, but…can’t you just let me go instead?” She looked down at herself. “And…fix this?”

I shook my head. “The enchantments binding you are pretty complicated, and I’m only a high school student. I haven’t learned enough magic to undo them safely.”

“Oh. If that’s the case…wait.” Her ears twitched. ”’Learned enough magic’?”

“They don’t teach it where you’re from? That’d be another problem, then. I don’t think I’d have any way to get you back to the world you came from.”

She blinked. “The world I…what?”

I pulled aside the curtain on my window, and gestured to the street, where cars shared the road with unicorn-drawn carriages. A saddled dragon passed by overhead.

She stared for a long moment. “Oh.”

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