From Death To Life

The velociraptor looked up at Simon, still not sure if what he was seeing was truly his God, his Father.

“Listen to me, Son. You must do as I tell you!” Simon continued. He enjoyed being God to the tiny earth spinning in front of him. It gave him a great feeling of satisfaction. Vaguely, he wondered if that was what God felt like all the time.

“You must die for me, for the world you live on, all the worlds before this one. You must help me in the greatest way you can.”

The velociraptor bowed his head, and Simon took this as a sign that he understood.

Simon suppressed a smile to himself, for fear that the mini-mini-mini-mini-mini Lucifer would see, and once again take a turn against him. Instead he focused on the velociraptor, as it gradually crawled up to the mini-cross the other dinosaurs had constructed.

It looked once at Simon, almost a playful, smiling look on its expressionless face.

Then, it died, and mini5 Lucifer screeched in hate when he realized he had failed his father, the Lucifer.

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