Looking Out My Backdoor

Teri had made the last twist on the bulb when it flickered to life and winced as the light blinded her. She climbed down from her chair then pushed it back under the table.

Wringing her hands Teri walked to the door and flipped on the front porch light. Peering out the window, she scanned the frontyard carefully. Her breath fogged the cold glass of the window before she moved away from it.

Every available lamp, ceiling light, nightlight, flashlight and candle burned.

Teri moved to the back of the house to turn on the flood lights. She pulled her blue sweater from the hanger and shrugged it on, absently checking the pockets for the backup Maglite Minis. She let out a reserved sigh, one in each, she thought.

Her fingers hovered over the switch and she closed her eyes, hoping. She held her breath as she pushed the switch up.

Just beyond the reach of the glow it stood looking at the house with its huge oval black eyes which covered most of its oversized head.

The Grey was waiting for her again.

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