Why am I doing this? Whenever she and Jon take me places there is always another boy there. Why do I bother? She always tell that the boy that’s going too is perfect for me and he never is. I think as I rolled my eyes.

I pulled a white blouse on and put my hair up in a ponytail, did my makeup and drove over to Scarlet’s house. Jon came within 10 minutes so we head over to the park. We got out and found his friends sitting over by the bench, one of them had a skateboard.

“Hey guys!” Jon shouted to them, making them look over at us. “This is my girl Scarlet and her friend Taylor. Taylor this is Max and David. And this is Travis,” Jon introduces, pointing out Travis, who I guess was the one there for me.

“’Thought you said Tyler, not Travis.” I whispered to Scarlet.

“Tyler, Travis, they sound the same.” She whispered back still smiling.

I had to admit he’s hot. With ear-length black hair with red high-lights, he had a baggy red T, jeans, and skater shoes, and a skatebard. Possibility.

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