W00T, she's up!!!!

What the—?! How did Abbi just die? I… this.. this can’t be happening! No! She couldn’t have! No!!!!
I ran to my room, sobbing. She was… no, is my best friend… and Rainn… urgh, it’s all his fault! If he hadn’t taken her to that room…
And that’s when Olivia ran in. She said, “V! She’s alive! She’s alive!!” And that’s when Olivia ran out.
I looked up, drying my eyes. Huh? I… but, I just saw her laying there, dead… Hmm. Maybe Rainn doesn’t know how to take a pulse correctly. Wouldn’t surprise me, I thought as I walked to the infirmary, where I assumed they had gone.
I saw Abbi laying there, the heart monitor beeping at a steady, healthy-sounding pace. “She really is alive,” I whispered, and went over to her bed.
“Rainn, what went on in there?” I asked, and Olivia looked at him accusingly. “How did this even happen?”
“Well…” he began.

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