“uh, i don’t mean to be rude, but…” i started.
“why are you here?!” he asked, rudely interrupting me.
“well, first of all, just let me say…”
the elf-boy narrowed his eyes. “just tell me why you are here.”
“ugh, i’ll tell you if you answer my question first!”
“oh… alright then,” he said.
“okay. are you an elf?” i said, realizing it sounded stupid.
“well, of course i am. this is the land of naifrr, the elf territory, in the kingdom of abstalia. why would you ask such a silly question?”
“uh, where i’m from, elves don’t.. really… uh… exist,” i muttered.
“that’s insane. but now answer my question, why are you here?”
“i don’t know!” i said. “i was just trying this dress on because a voice in my head that sounded like you told me to!”
he looked at me disbelievingly. “are you sure you’re feeling well?”
“yes, i’m fine,” i said, starting to wander off, exploring.
“wait!” he said, and ran after me.

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