The Blue Meander: Saving Miss Gloria

The winds picked up and lightning slashed the skies. I felt my hands weakening by the moment. “Cap’n!” I cried out for help.The wind howled around my face and I was sure that no one had heard my pitiful cries. I began to fear for my life as I felt death breathing down my neck.

Suddenly, as my left arm wilted, I felt warm arms around my waist. I looked down to see the tomato-red face of the Captain himself, grasping me tightly. “I gotcha Miz Gloria,” he said, gasping for air. He unsheathed his dagger and pierced the sail beside us. Then, like a legendary pirate-hero, swung himself, holding me by my tattered petticoats, onto the sail and we wriggled down awkwardly.

When we finally reached the deck safely, there was a mixed reaction from the crew. Some men cheered for our safe return and some pondered the missing ring, but most were too busy staring at my ripped garments.

The captain shouted, “Start lookin’ fer that ring, dammit!”
“Yeah! An’ quit starin’ at meh like that!” I yelled, a bit discomfitted.

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