Reason for Living

He must have been built mostly of muscle, and from my young naive eyes, he was a the perfect man(all because of his wonderful body!) I too had a great, pre-baby body. My stomach was flat and my string bikini showed off God’s gift to me very well. Obviously, Jake thought so too.
I guess you could have called me a surfer groupie, because my friends and I went to the beach every weekend in hopes of being picked by a surfer to accompy on his wild nights at clubs. I was Jake’s pick on weekend, and after that one wonderful night at the club, I was his last pick.
I thought we were in love, and I love to believe that Jake thought so too. After all, he did marry me. After a year of him always being away on tours, I decided to have a baby to keep me company. That baby became my life. My reason for living. Mariel. And now my reason for living was out of my sight. I couldn’t save her. I couldn’t find her to even try to save her. With a gulp of breath, I pushed myself under the water. Oh, Mariel. Baby, come back to me.

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