The Death of a Franchise

“Now lets go to our New York correspondent for the latest on this strange case.”

“Thanks Tim, yes I’m standing outside the hospital where it’s just been confirmed that a teenager has died of radiation poisoning after a school trip to a genetics laboratory went horribly wrong.”

“Police are baffled as to why the lab even allowed a group of students into it’s top secret project. The lab has been accused of gross negligence and failure to act once it was discovered a genetically engineered spider was missing. Both the lab and the school have been described as ‘misguided’ by officials”

“More confusing is the way that after being bitten the affected student went home and simply got in bed, telling no one. It’s been indicated that he was extremely capable and of above average intelligence, so quite why he didn’t raise alarm is unknown.”

“The student’s grieving Aunt and Uncle are believed to be poised to sue both the school and the lab for negligence, misconduct, and poor judgment.”

“Back to you Tim.”

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