The Majestic Rule Of The Mighty Wave (Living Description Challenge)

It rolled in, blue and majestic, towering above the rest of the vast, shimmering sea. White foam, rumbling, lived at the top. Lively, jumping to meet the sky, eager to meet the sun, reaching for God.

It grew, expanding it’s majesty over the sea underneath. It rumbled overhead, but underneath, it’s reign was permeated with silence. The foam leaped even higher, playing the jester for its king, its lord, the mighty wave.

It rolled around, forming a blue wall, a mirror of the clear sky above. The foam dove with the wave, happy in its demise, curling around until it touched back down in the water, its home, its haven.

The wave rolled, falling in all its glory. It collapsed into the sea, one end falling first, giving up before the others. The others held, but quickly grew weary of the effort to stay alive, and followed their brother back into the water.

And the memory of its mighty reign, its majestic power, its lively jester, was gone.

Left in the water until another ruler picked it up again.

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