Deals, Chaos, and Diversion

The Feared One sat quite calmly on a nearby stump, calm as a winter morn under a blanket of snow. He picked at something in his teeth with his pinky finger, looking almost…harmless.

That’s the thing about The Feared One, part of why he’s so scary. Though a being of immense power and gravity, he looks like any other man. In fact, most mortals assume nothing more, oblivious to the massive aura hanging like a thunderhead about his person.

Dapper and downright refined he remarked coolly, “I do so hope you might be open to a deal.” This was either very fortunate or utterly disastrous. Sao seemed to be thinking the latter.

“We might,” came my response, a vain attempt at matching his reserved demeaner. He chuckled. I made The Feared One chuckle. A rumble beside me belied the worry churning within my large companion.

“I have no intention of explaining larger intricacies to you,” The Feared One began, “But the world could do with a little chaos. The gods are restless and could use…diversion.”

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