The Fortunate Stumble [Escape Challenge]

I frantically picked up the key from among the green and golden mess upon the floor, being careful not to cut my fingers on the sharp glass.

I instinctively ran to the door, and tried the key.

But it didn’t work. The key was much smaller then the lock, almost as if it was to a music box, or perhaps a small safe…

I turned around, pacing, thinking of another way to get out. I was aware that time was slipping out of my grasp, and Kitty and the boys needed me!

I cursed the name of Ms. Dodson at that moment for getting me into this mess! In my anger, I stumbled over the chair lying on the floor and hit my head on the wall behind the desk.


I looked up and saw one of the frames lying on the ground, and broken into pieces. I lifted it up quickly to put it back on the wall, when I saw it.

A small door hidden behind where the frame had once been.

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