He seems to always get this look. You’ve seen it millions of times with other girls. You can watch his mind working as he undresses you with his eyes. He softly touches your arm and pulls you a little closer. He then whispers in your ear how bad he wants you. You try to stay strong, because you know that when it’s done, he won’t want you anymore. You look for something to distract him, but he only wants one thing. Once he has you, he’ll toss you to the side like an old used piece of paper. You two were best friends; and you thought that it would never come to this. Thoughts run through your mind about loosing him. It comes to the point where you have to decide. His hand moves down your body until he hits the button of your pants. He touches his mouth with his lips. You’ve never had a kiss be so deep and passionate. Clothes get ripped off as he throws you against the wall. Once he is done he collapses on the bed. You ask him “how was it?â€? and all he has to say is “It got the job done.â€?

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