Within the office, there is one room that is different from the others. It is a user’s office, but more than just a user. With four computers….

What do you think you’re doing?

“What do you mean?”, I asked as I stopped typing (The start of a great story I should mention).

You know what I mean. Within the office, there is blah, blah.

My inner voice was talking again. I call him Beta, because I don’t want to boost his ego by calling him Alpha.

“It’s a great story. I just wanted to get it out there.”

Look, it is not good enough for Ficlets. You know that you’ve lost your creative ideas. There is something you must admit, but you won’t

Unfortunately I knew Beta was right. I had not been feeling great recently. I could be called a phantom employee, I’m in IT. When everything is going right, no one notices you.

There were no problems with computers, so things were suppose to be good. But I felt down in the dumps, feeling blue. My creative juices were gone.

You’re upset at yourself. Face the issue.

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