“Sir, we’ve arrived.” the steward said. The man in the brown suit looked up from his book.

“Thank you.” he replied as he put his book away into his saddle bag. He was currently sitting in the lounge of the Enlightenment. Circular windows were situated around the room. Near the front were two glass door leading to the observation deck.

He stood up and slung his saddle bag over his shoulder. He preferred this way of travel. There was only a slight vibration, caused by the engines.

The red velvet couch he had been sitting on matched the other chairs in the lounge. They complimented the cherry wood paneling. Desks had also been provided for the passengers, though he was the only one on this trip.

He had been summoned back from his ongoing investigation in Connecticut. The Order must have come across something important.

He opened the door to the observation deck. He felt the chill, but it was getting warmer, as they descended. He always enjoyed this view of London every time he came back via airship.

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