The issue was, I was envious.

Now was that so hard to say?

Beta was right. I can’t remember when he’s not. But how often do I listen to him?

I was envious because at work, I never got the credit I deserved. I did all the hard work of making sure the network is running perfectly. I see everyone else get the kudos for landing that big client.

Granted, I don’t interact with our clients, but if the network goes down our clients are mad. I keep things afloat. Well, behind the scenes I do.

You are also not paid enough either. Remember that.

“Sometimes it’s hard to compose my thoughts with you talking all the time!” Maybe I was a bit hard on him.

And then there is her.

“Of course, I was getting to that part.” In the office was a very nice, sweat, pretty, and funny girl. But, I had not asked her out yet. Wait, that did not involve envy.

Because you’re scared to.

“No. The timing is not right.” I responded, as I pulled at my collar.

“What timing is not right?” a voiced asked from the doorway.

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