Dinosaur Dilemma

“The avians are starting hostilities again” the T-Rex loremaster mind-sent during the earthvoice communion.

“But we had an agreement!” a velociraptor replied in a machine gun mind-tone “They stay above the equator and we stay below.”

“Apparently they do not feel the need to adhere to our arrangement” a huge old brontosaurus contributed in a characteristically phlegmatic manner.

“We will have to start the moon acquisition” the triceratops trinity joined the conversation “as we have discussed, dragging a passing comet into an orbit to give us a second moon would allow us to navigate at night in the moon-dark as well as show the avians the strength that they are facing.”

“I have already expressed my distress at such an ambitious plan” the brontosaurus replied. “Old fashioned oldster, out of ideas and boring!” a compy choir capered around the staid beast.

The quorum started concentrating, melding their mind-power into a truly irresistible force. The comet’s orbit bent – too far!

CATACLYSM and fade out

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