Eternally and Forever

I fail to understand how in just an instant,
my world could come crashing down.
Buildings and thoughts are crushed,
planes and sanity begin to spiral down,
windows and hearts, shattered.
Before I even had time to feel the unbearable sorrow,
you were out of my life,
walking away, leaving me frozen and stunned.

I’m caught in a daze,
my thoughts a continuous circle.
I stare after you, shocked, and speechless,
for seemingly hours after you turned from me,
uttering those harsh words that tore my heart.
My days are darker,
the sun is dimmer,
my life is pointless without you.

Try as you might to keep me away,
out of your mind and life,
you know it will never happen.
Just know that whatever you may choose to do,
whatever you say to me,
I will always love you,
eternally and forever.

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