Here’s your chance to ask her.

The voice was hers. She was standing in the doorway, wearing a pink shirt with white pants. Boy, she looks pretty.

Wait, focus. How much did she hear?

She can’t hear me.

That’s great for Beta, but sometimes I wind up talking out loud.

“Oh, I was referring when to do the next round of security patches. There’s a bunch to that need to be installed. I just have to figure out when the best time is.”

Good save.

She gave a tiny laugh. “I know, it can be embarrassing when people catch you talking to yourself. It has happened to me a few times.”

She bought it.

“I was stopping by to see if you want to get into the office lottery pool. Everyone puts in $5.00 dollars and we do a quick pick.”

“I’m in. I don’t want to be the only one left working here.” I started to reach for my wallet.

Mindi had worked her for a few months. She was back in the underwriting department. She was one of fourteen employees in underwriting.

“Oh, one more question. What are doing Sunday?”

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