Amongst the Stars

“Whatcha doin’?” he asked. But I didn’t answer him. I just kept looking up, my eyes opened wide.
“Hello, anybody there?” he said waving his hand in front of my face.
“Stop,” I said, and I went back to looking up and the millions of stars scattered above.
“Time to come back down to earth,” he said. “The party is going on inside the house.”
But I just kept staring in wonder. There weren’t this many stars in the city where I used to live. Well, I guess they really were there, but I just never saw them. Not like this.
He started to head back to the party inside, but then I spoke.
“What do you think is out there?”
He turned back around and came and sat on the rail that I was sitting on. Then he looked up and said, “I dunno, stars and planets?”
“Well yeah,” I replied, “but do you think that there could be other people out there? For all we know, someone light years away could be looking at us right now and not even know it.”
And it was true; someone light years away was looking at them right at that very moment.

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