Dee the Healer

Our friends are now wandering down a dark hall in the blue icy castle. It is very cold and tensions are high as they try to find Sir Gavin some help. Carl and Marina and the Croatian man are waiting with Sir Gavin back in the warm hovercraft.
“It’d sink,” stated Sir Damien through the darkness
“No it’d float,” replies Sir Sebastian.
“Why would pudding float? What makes pudding so special?” Sir D replied.
“Look at what you started, Quinn!” said Aurora.
“Well, sorry! I was curious!”
“You guys!” Abella shouted. “Look!”
A door at the end of the hall opens, and sends a ray of light down the dark hall. As our friends venture closer, they see a old woman standing by the door.
“Do you think she’ll hurt us?” Sir S asks. “You know, since we kinda came in without asking?”
“She doesn’t look mean,” replies Abella.
Sure enough, the old woman isn’t mad. She calmly invites them into the room.
“Hello,” she says. “I am Dee, healer of the ice lands.”
How convenient! Things seem to be looking good for the fate of Sir G.

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