(Dragon Protectors) The Feeling Of Trickery

“Okay Han, like I said, I have a deal for you. But first, I must tell you of the present circumstances.”

“I was sent to you by the gods,” he continued.
“They are the only reason I am here. They wish for you to spread your eggs throughout the world creating mass chaos. Then, they think that the all dragons will be banned from the face of the earth after seeing how much destruction they can cause,” he said softly.

“So basically, you were the one chosen to convince me to spread them throughout the earth?” Han asked, confused.

“Yes. But instead I tell you of their plans. Why, you may ask. Simple. I like dragons. The only reason I ever tried to take yours was because I wanted them myself. The part that the gods asked me too was hardly the reason.”

“So you’re implying… that we have to trick the gods,” said Han incredulously.


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