Zoulag to the Rescue

Just when I thought things were moving along a fine path, my situation seems to have taken a turn for the worse. First, I’ve got a flamethrower menacingly sputtering in my direction. How rude.

Second, the lifetoid, and to some extent his mate, are obviously delusional. Zombie Capability Cabal? Suicide bomb zombie? The party line?

And I thought I was the one with rotten brains, yikes…

It appears being holed up in a removed, suburban duplex has taken a corrosive toll on their mental health. Months spent enduring a life-fearing state of panicked alert can do that to these frail creatures.

Perhaps there are lifetoids next door that will acquiesce to my flesh-eating proclivities in a more receptive manner?

But alas, back to the task at hand, I need to stall.

“A meeesssaaagggee,” I say, as I start shuffling away from both lifetoids and towards the back hallway window.

As I motion for the pair to follow, my eyes twinkle at the fleeting vision of Zoulag’s shadow slowly coming up the stairs behind them…

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