Gibson Inc

Ethan Gibson the CEO of Gibson Inc. He put the phone back in the cradle with an accomplished smile on his face.
He looked down at his calendar and checked to see if he had anymore critical ‘to do’s’. And he came up empty.
He sits at his mahogany desk and thinks about his life so far.
Making more money had become a bore to Ethan Gibson.
When he started the company as a young man he was full of promise and excitement.

Now, though filthy rich, he felt, ironically unaccomplished.
His wife went on frequent shopping excursions to Paris and Venice.
His daughter, Melanie, your typical spoiled rich kids ‘daddies girl’. Her hand out only for more cash.
His son, already chomping at the bit to ‘take over’,
“Dad, â€? Ethan Jr. would say,â€? You need a rest, you should retire, I can handle things.. you look tired…..â€?
His brother, Ian, who loaned him the initial money to start Gibson Inc., never let him or anyone else forget that fact.
Their relationship was strained to the breaking point

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