So Random, It had to be a Dream {OM's Word Challenge}

The sky was gloomy, not its usual orange cloud flecked blue as you would see on a sunsetting day.

I was rowing the little boat to school when I remembered that I forgot to pack my toothbrush in my backpack. Sighing, I manuevered the rickety thing around to head back home.

I grumbled, because I would be late for the third time and have to sit in detention with the donkey. He was the most unpleasant instructor at the facility. Always making us sign his autograph on a circus poster from long ago for him using his special pen.

I would much rather do time with the clown learning to play the sad sounding instrument of her creation by the lamp post on the corner.

No need in fretting over it now. I was back home. Tie the boat, get the toothbrush, and head to school. But where did the door go? There’s nothing more than a wall here!

I push and push against the wall. Storm clouds gather overhead. Thunder rolls in the distance. Panic sets in.

Thankfully, my alarm clock rings.

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