I am sorry

He just stalked off. What a jerk! I was so ready to be his best friend..or more…!

After a few classes he was standing infront of me, it was extremely awkward!

“Hey Chloe, listen to me please?” I nodded. “My granpa died last night. I had absolutely no time to come to you last night.” I opened my mouth to speak, but he went on. “About everything that I have ever done to you, like before, in grade 8, I am so sorry! I am seriously so sorry about that and me not seeing you last night. All I really wanted to do was to ask you out. Now, you probably don’t want to see my face.”

“You remember? You think about grade 8?” I asked.

“Well yeah, I just never talk about it. Sorry.”

I dropped all my stuff and went straight towards him. I leapt into his arms. His hands naturally squeezed my waist.

“I am so sorry about your grandpa. And I really want to patch things up too!”

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