A Rapture Of Raptors

Kevin drummed his talons on the steering wheel and wondered what was taking so long. He was going to be late and that damn station wagon with the TRUTH bumper sticker needed to get moving or…

His yellow and green eyes blinked several times. Nobody was in the station wagon. A third of the cars on the freeway were empty and the sky was full of a spinning pool of luminosity that poured from the emptying shells of the faithful into the sky.

Kevin got out of his car, tail limp and mouth wide as he gawked at the sky.

Apparently all those idiots who were always knocking on his door all the time with the pamphlets and everything were right all along. There was a Simon, who had so loved the world He sent His only son, Billy Christ, to die for their sins. And the Rapture was nigh; no, the Rapture was fifteen seconds ago.

In the next world, Simon basked in the glow of his army of souls, and looked up into the next world. One down. Five more to go.

Somewhere, Blake wasn’t wholly wrong.

The cavalry was coming.

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