Imprinted in my memory.

I waded around in the ocean water,dunking down below every once in awhile. My baby was no where to be seen. I splashed my arms around, trying to clear up the fogginess of the water. I froze in midswim. I had done this before. Tears squeezed themself from my normally dry eyes.
I had been crying when I was doing this last time. I was wearing a brand new swimsuit that showed off my curvacious body. Jake had brought me and Mariel out to the beach to watch him in the surfing contest. Mariel was so excited! A chance to see her father prove his worthiness. She was so proud of her father, and so she sat happily on the beach with her grandmother. Jake kissed me romanticly on the mouth, a kiss that is imprinted in my memory to this day.
Hours after the contest had ended, I was standing waist deep in the ocean blue. My tears were mixing with the ocean water. I stayed in the water till nightfall, my body numb because of the coldness and the shock.
I wiped away a tear from my eye, bringing me back to the present.

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