Very Afriad

I’m laying on my bed in my room, unable to focus on my homework. I look over at my clock. 7:30. Crap, I was suppose to call Bernard at 7. I remember. I look around my room for my phone. When I can’t find it I decide I’ll risk walking to the kitchen and check my backpack.

I open my door and look down the hall to the kitchen. I don’t see my Grandpa there, but I only can see half the room. I catiously walk out of my room. Half way down the hall, I pass my living room.

“Faith! Come here.” My Grandpa calls from the living room. I wince and turn slowly towards my Grandfather. He is sitting in my favorite chair.

I walk across the room and sit as far away as I can from him. “Hi, Grandpa..” I say.

“Sweety, come closer.” He says, patting his lap with his hands. I shudder at the memory of being that close to him.

“I’m good Grandpa.” I say slowly.

“Girl. Get over here. You know why I’m here. I don’t want to hurt you, but I will.” I’m suddenly very afriad. Bernard..oh please come..

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