Enrique Makes A Mistake


“Enrique, you IDIOT !”


“I told you to check the lio, but ‘NOOOO, it’s fine!’ you said!”




As the dust settled around a desolate pile of steel, glass, and alien, four orange eyes stared blankly at the ground ahead.

“So…” Enrique started, “What do we do now?”

Philip snorted. “There never was a WE! There was just a you and your mission to protect the universe from a bunch of harmless, young, intoxicated, lesser human beings!”

Enrique stared for a while. Prehaps I should have checked the lio… he thought. Maybe I should apologize…

But when he turned to talk to Philip again, all he saw was a purple blur dissappear into the rustling undergrowth.

Ach, GRAYP my slow thought process! he mentally swore.

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