Ogres Don't Just Exist in Fairy Tales

“I WILL DESTROY YOU !” the ogre like man bellowed.

Charlie ran as fast he could, his only advantage was his size, small even for a 11 year-old. Through the forest he ran, the sound of his breath was all that he could hear. Must find a place to hide, he thought to himself as he searched earnestly. There, that’s small enough that he can’t follow. It was a cave—a hole really, in a side of a rocky hill.

Charlie scurried into the crevice, the man pounding close behind him.

He felt his foot grabbed by a giant fist. His breath stopped. He looked back. The enraged man’s face was red, a furious scowl showing shark like teeth. “Come here, brat!” the man snarled. Charlie gulped and tried to wrench himself free. “Don’t you dare struggle, runt!” the man coughed as he pulled Charlie’s foot, catching his shoe.

Charlie grabbed onto the roots and held on, the man wasn’t going to get him. Charlie set his teeth and kicked with his free foot. The man grunted. Charlie suddenly felt a hand grab around his waist.

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